Happiness for us is the transformation going on at St. Stephen’s, as we continue to evolve to meet the needs of our members across generations.

We have transformed our worship services and options for worship, we have transformed our Wednesday evening faith formation classes, our building through sanctuary improvements, our ongoing connections with others and we are transforming our outreach to the community around us.

What does transformational giving mean? Quite simply, it is the process of how you are transformed by your act of giving to others. Think of a time when you gave a gift. Was it relational, time, talent or treasure? How did it make you feel? How were you transformed through your act of giving?  All giving is transformational for the giver no matter the gift.

What does Jesus say about giving? Act 20:35. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

As the church council develops St. Stephen’s transformational budget for 2017, we are making decisions about how we will use our congregation resources to support the staff, facilities, and ministries, including worship, education, fellowship and mission.

To make these decisions, we need your help. It is important that we know your plans. How much can you contribute from your resources to continue our shared transformation efforts?

Please consider filling out the pledge commitment below and submitting it. You can also find a pledge form at church, fill it out and place it in the offering plate during services or simply send it in the mail.

For ease of giving, we are encouraging folks to make use of our automated electronic giving option through Thrivent Financial. You can find it by returning to our main web page and scrolling down to click on ‘Giving’ or pick up a form in the church office and fill it out.

St Stephen's Lutheran Church, West St Paul, MN
Annual Stewardship Pledge

As a sign of my faith in God's calling for my life, and to demonstrate my commitment to support St Stephen's and its ministries, I pledge to share the gifts I have been blessed with:

Please share any questions or comments you have about sharing your gift of time at St. Stephen's.
Please share any questions or comments you have about sharing your gift of talent at St. Stephen's.

I pledge this, knowing all I am and all I have is due to God's grace. I am prepared to give in any way I am able to help transform the church, the world and each other to enrich God's kingdom here on earth.

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